What's New?

Bar Code Portraits

Cultural icons from Jesus to Oprah rendered using bar codes to depict the final image.

Bar Code Jesus Zoom Animation

Zoom Viewers

Visual distance and scale are important elements in experiencing my bar code portraits. The Zoom Viewers allow you to view the whole image in a small animated clip.

Bar Code Jesus Zoom Animation


Pictures of my bar code portraits, graffiti, paintings, and gallery installations.

Ghetto Gallery Photos

Bar Code Wind Chime

A video project where I used color injected bar codes to paint the screen. Includes a small animation clip and video stills.

Ghetto Gallery Photos

Bar Code Noise

A net.art animation piece that generates random bar codes in realtime.

Bar Code Drug Paintings

A series of bar code word paintings that explores the commercialization of illegal drugs.

Distorted Bar Codes

Some odd shaped bar codes that twist the technology into a beautiful mess. They all scan, although some take a little finessing.

Distorted Bar Codes

Other Art

A few samples of my artwork without bar codes. Includes Beehive Jesus, Titled Series, Chuck Close Filter, and Pixel President.